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Haar wavelet direct method for solving variational problems. Wavelet collocation methods for a first kind boundary integral equation in acoustic scattering. Wavelet-like bases for the fast solution of second-kind integral equations. Fast solvers of integral equations of the second kind: wavelet methods. Complexity , , 21 , — Legendre wavelets method for the nonlinear Volterra—Fredholm integral equations.

Numerical solution of Fredholm integral equation of the first kind with collocation method and estimation of error bound. Solving second kind Fredholm integral equation by periodic wavelet Galerkin method. Wavelet applications to the Petrov—Galerkin method for Hammerstein equations. The collocation method for Hammerstein equations by Daubechies wavelets. Wavelet—Galerkin method for integro-differential equations. Wavelet method for solving integral equations of simple liquids. Solving second kind integral equations by Galerkin methods with continuous orthogonal wavelets.

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Wavelet Galerkin method for numerical solution of nonlinear integral equation. The linear Legendre mother wavelets operational matrix of integration and its application. Franklin Inst. Expansion method for linear integral equations by cardinal B-spline wavelet and Shannon wavelet bases to obtain Galerkin system. Numerical solution of non-linear Fredholm integral equations by using multiwavelets in the Petrov—Galerkin method.

Application of the Haar wavelets for solution of linear integral equations. Solution of nonlinear integral equations via the Haar wavelet method. Haar wavelet method for non-linear integro-differential equations. Using rationalized Haar wavelet for solving linear integral equations. Numerical solution of differential equations using Haar wavelets.

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Numerical solution of evolution equations by the Haar wavelet method. Longman Scientific and Technical , New York , Nondestructive damage evaluation of plates using the multiresolution analysis of two-dimensional Haar wavelet. Sound Vibration , , , 82— Wavelet based preconditioners for sparse linear systems. Wavelet analysis of dynamical systems. Kiev , , 17 , — Nonlinear response of the sine-Gordon breather to an a. The aim is a coherent presentation of the state of art of the theory including detailed proofs and its applications to problems from mathematical physics, such as viscoelasticity, heat conduction, and electrodynamics with memory.

The importance of evolutionary integral equations - which form a larger class than do evolution equations - stems from such applications and therefore special emphasis is placed on these. A number of models are derived and, by means of the developed theory, discussed thoroughly.

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  6. An annotated bibliography containing entries increases the book's value as an incisive reference text. It gives a very natural and mature extension of the usual semigroup approach to a more general class of infinite-dimensional evolutionary systems. This is the first appearance in the form of a monograph of this recently developed theory.

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    A substantial part of the results are due to the author, or are even new. It is not a book that one reads in a few days. Rather, it should be considered as an investment with lasting value. Zentralblatt MATH In this book, the author, who has been at the forefront of research on these problems for the last decade, has collected, and in many places extended, the known theory for these equations.

    In addition, he has provided a framework that allows one to relate and evaluate diverse results in the literature. Mathematical Reviews This book constitutes a highly valuable addition to the existing literature on the theory of Volterra evolutionary integral equations and their applications in physics and engineering. SIAM Reviews pp. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4.

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    From: BuchWeltWeit Inh. Ludwig Meier e. Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. Seller Inventory x More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. Published by Springer Basel , Basel About this Item: Springer Basel , Basel, More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. Published by Springer Basel, Switzerland About this Item: Springer Basel, Switzerland, Language: English.

    Fredholm integral equation with separable kernel: Theory

    Brand new Book. This book deals with evolutionary systems whose equation of state can be formulated as a linear Volterra equation in a Banach space.

    Evolutionary Integral Equations and Applications | J. Prüss | Springer

    SIAM Reviews. Seller Inventory AAV More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. During the last two decades the theory of abstract Volterra equations has under- gone rapid development. To a large extent this was due to the applications of this theory to problems in mathematical physics, such as viscoelasticity, heat conduc- tion in materials with memory, electrodynamics with memory, and to the need of tools to tackle the problems arising in these fields. Many interesting phenomena not found with differential equations but observed in specific examples of Volterra type stimulated research and improved our understanding and knowledge.

    Al- though this process is still going on, in particular concerning nonlinear problems, the linear theory has reached a state of maturity.

    In recent years several good books on Volterra equations have appeared. How- ever, none of them accounts for linear problems in infinite dimensions, and there- fore this part of the theory has been available only through the - meanwhile enor- mous - original literature, so far. The present monograph intends to close this gap. Its aim is a coherent exposition of the state of the art in the linear theory.