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In , Mozaffar Khan, George Serafeim, and Aaron Yoon created portfolios of companies that were performing well and poorly on the material issues in their industry.

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The firms with the highest annualized active return alpha of 4. Those with the lowest alpha, Critically, however, the divergences did not start to appear until after years.

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This demonstrates that executives must balance attention to short-term performance with a long-term perspective. That includes an understanding of which ESG issues will be material to their industry in the future, and which SDG efforts in those areas they may serve to advance. Investors could consider taking a long-term view with regard to the financial performance of their ESG-based portfolios.

They can expect periodic reports on ESG performance and its contribution to the relevant SDGs — just as they receive periodic reports on financial performance — in order to monitor progress and make adjustments if needed. In many ways, private firms are already contributing to the SDGs, but they are doing so in an ad hoc manner that is not adequately labeled or targeted.

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By creating smart, comprehensive, and clearly defined strategies, private companies can not only get credit for their efforts; they can also help governments to establish realistic budgets and clear financing plans for the SDGs. Svetlana Klimenko. This article is published in collaboration with Project Syndicate. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum. I accept. How do we build a sustainableworld? Submit a video.

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The inspiring story behind this picture of two world leaders Rosamond Hutt 18 Sep Could a progressive consumption tax reduce wealth inequality? More on the agenda. Its objective is […]. One of the key recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures TCFD focuses on the need for investors to perform scenario analysis, to understand the risks of different climate-related scenarios on their business. However, this recommendation is not being applied consistently, notably by companies in the energy and transportation sectors. Targeting banks, pension funds, insurance companies and public financial institutions, the initiative seeks to ensure that the targets set support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The Japan Energy Transition Initiative JETI is a collaboration of global and Japanese knowledge providers dedicated to accelerating the energy transition among business, finance and policy makers in Japan. JETI will address key global climate and energy issues relevant to Japan in a manner that is ahead of the curve and focused on specific outcomes leading to accelerated decarbonisation. JETI will work with Japanese and global partners to curate cutting edge events and knowledge transfers and facilitate relevant research streams.

So far, most of these actions have focused on requesting better disclosure of company activities, and are likely to have only marginal impact on investment plans. Over the course of the project, more than institutional investors around the world signed up to test their portfolios, including large asset managers, pension funds, insurance companies, banks, and sovereign wealth funds.


The project was funded by the European Commission H programme. The award is designed to enable the fostering of innovation and promotion of existing best-practices in climate disclosure aligned with the requirements of Article VI of the Energy Transition for Green Growth Law. This objective seems ideally aligned with the strong momentum of impact-related concerns as […]. From shifting the trillions to addressing the billions.

There is a growing narrative and traction among investors around contributing to financing the transition to a low-carbon economy. While partly motivated by questions around financial risk, […].

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This report provides guidelines for building an adverse climate scenario that can be used by financial supervisors as inputs into either traditional or climate-specific stress-tests of regulated entities. The […]. Connecting the dots between climate goals, investment frameworks, and financial policies. Anticipating changes in the demand of capital : The introduction of more stringent carbon policies, new technologies, and the potential development of climate litigation will change the risk-adjusted returns of different financial assets, creating financial risk and opportunity.

Our research and engagement activities seek to:.

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Develop the metrics and tools to measure the climate performance of financial institutions. Mobilize regulatory and policy incentives to shift capital to energy transition financing. We look forward to starting a conversation with you! You can find all the ways to contact us below:.